General Conditions. Condiciones generales escuela de español General Conditions spanish school Allgemeine Spanisch Schule

The general conditions of the school are the standard ones for any study centre and do not include any extraordinary points.  However, we wish to make them very detailed so that you may have the best information possible and that you know our undertakings.  If you have any queries on these conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Age. The minimum age for participating in our courses is 16 years. In the case of a student who is under 16, the assistance and supervision of a tutor or monitor shall be required. The school has no duty of supervision or responsibility over an underage student.
  2. Minimum number of students. There is no minimum number of students to start a group of a level. If there is only one student who meets a particular level, a group shall be started for this student, without affecting their opportunity to take part in different activities with other groups, provided that it is possible with regard to our teaching team.
  3. Maximum number of students. As a general rule, each group has a maximum number of eight students.
  4. Levels. The school has established the levels set by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) although, in order better to adapt itself to the students' levels, each level comprises sub-levels, except level C2, thus making eleven sub-levels. On the first day of class and before commencing, the students, with the exception of the complete beginners, shall do a level test so that they may be put into the group best suited to their knowledge. This test shall always be done unless the student has done the on-line tests included on our web page.
  5. Minimum duration. The minimum duration of the course is one week. All the courses are extendible, the table of prices published at (henceforth our web page) being applicable to the final duration of the course, unless there is an extra charge under this concept.
  6. Timetable. The general timetable for the courses is from 10:00h to 13:30h, including the break. In those cases where the premises are full during this period because of the number of students, the school reserves the right to set up other sessions with different hours. Unless they are prevented in any way, they will consult the students in advance about their preferences.
  7. Calendar. The course commencement dates are all Mondays of the year, except the periods marked as Christmas holidays on our web page, during which the school will remain closed, and those Mondays that are official holidays, in which case the commencement day shall be Tuesday. In the event that two holidays coincide in one week, one of them shall be a teaching day. Holidays are published annually on our web page.
  8. Certificates. On completion of their course, the student shall receive a certificate with the date of the course, duration, number of hours and level at which they have carried out their studies. The school reserves the right not to award this certificate to any student who, without just cause, has not regularly attended their classes.
  9. Included in the price of the course. Registration is free. In addition to the classes signed up for, the following items are included in the price of the course:
    1. Level test.
    2. Final course certificate.
    3. A weekly cultural activity.
    4. A welcome or party invitation at those times of the year when there is a sufficient number of students.
  10. Registration and deposit. Registration may be done via our on-line form or by email, by completing the information that we require in order to open the student file. Once registration is complete, the student shall pay into our account the amount of 100 € by way of deposit, which shall be discounted against the total fee for the course. Once the deposit has been made, the school shall send a confirmation letter to the student by email with the details of the course and, if relevant, of the accommodation booked.
    The bank account for the payment of the deposit and, if relevant, the balance of the price, is detailed below:
    Swift Code: BSCHESMM, IBAN: ES84 0049 6007 3325 1603 9180 in the name of LinguaSpain School SL.

    or by credit card in: TPV

    or by Paypal in: Paypal

    It is important not to forget to include the name of the student on the transfer request.
  11. Payment of the balance of the fees. The payment of the balance of the fees, once the deposit has been deducted, can be made by the student at any time before the course begins or once in Málaga in the first three days of their Spanish course. Payment may be made by means of transfer to the above detailed bank account, by credit card or in cash at the school.
  12. Cancellations. In the event that the student may wish to cancel their Spanish course, the following amounts shall be refunded:
    1. If the cancellation occurs with four weeks notice before the start of the course, the whole of the amount paid, including the deposit, shall be refunded. The school reserves the right to deduct from the refund any bank charges that may be incurred.
    2. If cancellation occurs less than four weeks prior to the start of the course, the amount of the deposit (100 €) shall not be returned but all additional amounts the student may have paid shall be. Also in this case, the school reserves the right to deduct from the refund any bank charges that may be incurred.
    3. If cancellation occurs once the course has started, no refund shall be made but being aware that those cases are very exceptional and that in general they are to due to serious personal circumstances or force majeure, the school reserves the option to consider that, depending on the particularities of the case, a part of the period of the course that has not been enjoyed, may be refunded or, if appropriate, the time remaining may be credited to a future Spanish course in their school.
  13. Visas. For those non-Community students who require a visa, the school shall send a letter of acceptance and invitation if requested by the relevant Consul or Embassy. For this, the student must make a bank transfer for the total amount of the course. Should the visa be refused, the total amount paid shall be refunded provided that the student supplies a copy of the visa refusal decision and does this two weeks prior to the start of the course. In the event that we are informed of the refusal in a period of less than these two weeks, we shall refund the amount paid less the amount of the deposit (100 €). In any event, the school reserves the right to deduct from the refund the bank charges and those costs incurred through administration of the reservation.
  14. Medical insurance. The school recommends that the students research the medical cover they may have to have in Spain in their countries of origin, both in the public social security system as well as in the case of having a private medical insurance policy. In any event, it is possible for students from the 27 countries of Europe, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or, if not, the Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC). If the student wishes to take out private insurance in Spain for their stay, they may contact us to find out about prices and cover.
  15. Standards common to accommodation.
    1. Included in the price of accommodation are all supplies and services, such as electricity, gas, water, etc. Also included is the internet service in the accommodation where it is available.
    2. Unless other provisions are made on booking, the duration of the accommodation includes the Sunday prior to the start of the course from 12:00h until the Saturday after the end of the course at 12:00h. Should the student, because of the time of their flight, require entry to or exit from the accommodation some hours before or after the above indicated times, they may request it in advance so that we may check availability, which will not carry an extra charge, on condition that it does not involve an extra night.
    3. If the student wishes to stay one or more nights extra to those booked and registered for, they must let the office know as soon as possible, in order that availability of the accommodation requested may be verified. Extensions to the stay shall be charged additionally in accordance with the rates published on our web page.
    4. The school reserves the right to cancel accommodation booked by those students who show a lack of respect for the standards detailed on the matter in these general conditions.
  16. Accommodation in a shared flat.
    1. The flats are shared with other students. The room is for private use. The bathrooms, kitchen, living room and terrace are for the common use of all the students. The flats are equipped for the comfortable stay of the student.
    2. The school supplies the student with sheets in their apartment free of charge and it is advisable that this is stated on your registration form. The students must bring their own bath towels with them.
    3. The room is handed over in a clean condition and, from that moment, the student assumes the task of cleaning it. Equally, the maintenance of the common areas is the responsibility of the students occupying the flat, without affecting the school's power to send in its cleaning staff should it deem it necessary.
    4. Since the apartment is shared, the basic standards of communal living must be respected with regard to order, use of common items in the flat, noise, visitors, etc. The occupants of the flat are also responsible for the proper care of the furniture in the flat. Should the student cause damage in the accommodation through misconduct or carelessness, the school reserves the right to ask for restitution of the damage.
    5. Guests who are not students of the school are not permitted to stay overnight in the flats. Should a student wish to receive visitors and to accommodate them in their apartment, they must contact the school, which, subject to the availability of the apartment, shall reserve the appropriate place, after payment of the operative price.
    6. Adherence to the standards of the community of neighbours is obligatory, especially with regard to noise and respecting the rest hours between 22:00h and 08:00h. Parties are strictly forbidden in apartments.
  17. Accommodation with a family. In addition to the standards expressed above that may be applied logically to accommodation with a family, the student who opts for this type of accommodation must bear in mind:
    1. Half board includes breakfast and lunch. If the student wishes to change lunch for dinner they may let us know on their registration form or via email, before their arrival. Once in Málaga it will depend upon what is agreed with the family.
    2. Although the family is going to share their daily life with the student, the latter must respect their privacy, rest hours and meal times.
    3. To receive visitors to the home, the family must first be consulted.
  18. Responsibilities. In any event, the school refuses any responsibility for acts or damage that any student may originate.
  19. Change in the general conditions. The school reserves the right to change these general conditions without requirement for prior notice, although they shall always be adhered to in the case of students who have already booked their course.