Accommodation for Spanish Courses.

Together with our Spanish courses, we offer you some different accommodation options. This is a very important matter of your stay in Málaga, so they are carefully selected and our staff controls constantly the students' satisfaction. .
The different accommodation types we offer are:


- Shared Flat. In this type of accommodation, you will live with other students from different cultures and countries. Our flats are equipped with kitchen, living/dining-room, one or two bathrooms and an average of three bedrooms. They are fully equipped so you can enjoy your stay comfortably.
Just bring your own towels. We provide you with the bedsheets, as long as you mention it in your registration form.
You can choose between single and double rooms, although double rooms are reserved for students who come together or accompanied by a relative or a friend. If you come alone and want to stay in a double room, it will be possible only if another student requests it too and the dates overlap.


- Individual Flat or Studio. If you prefer to live alone or you come with friends or relatives, and you want your own flat, we also offer this option. In this case, you need to book at least four weeks prior (low season) and six weeks prior (high season).


- Spanish Family. This is the most requested type of accommodation from our students since it is a perfect complement to our Spanish courses. You will be able to practice with the family everything you have learned in the classroom and to learn Spanish customs and traditions.
All our families have been hosting Spanish students for years, so they have a large experience in treating them with different cultures and nationalities.
You can choose between half board (breakfast and lunch or dinner) and full board (three daily meals). There is also the option of an individual bedroom or a double bedroom if you come with a friend or you are two students.


- Hotel. If you want to stay in a hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast, we work with several hotel establishments situated nearby the school. If you prefer to choose one yourself, we can arrange the reservation for you.


- Dormitory. A good option for groups.


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